Version 9.10 (02/14/2018)

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Less than one week after the previous release (v9.09) here comes Printoid 9.10 ! In fact, all the following integrations would be present in the previous release, but I wished everything to be perfect before sharing that with you guys 🙂


1. Integration of the TP Link Smartplug plugin

This feature is released for the Printoid PREMIUM users only.

I have previously integrated the PSU Control plugin in Printoid PREMIUM thanks to the APIs provided by its developer. This plugin integration is simple: if the plugin is detected in OctoPrint, Printoid will display the associated feature in the left menu (switch ON / switch OFF, depending on the current state, indicated in the menu).

To be consistent, the integration of the TP Link Smartplug plugin is the same, but you also need to provide the TP Link device IP address on your locale network to Printoid. Simply open the Printoid settings panel and go to the new “plugin” section (puzzle icon). Then you can fill the “LAN IP” field of your TP Link device.

Because the TP Link Smartplug plugin can handle more than one TP Link device in its configuration, it is mandatory for Printoid to know which TP Link should be controlled.

Then, Printoid will be able to:

  • Display the current TP Link Smartplug state in the left menu
  • Switch ON the TP Link (if currently OFF)
  • Switch OFF the TP Link (if currently ON)

The official repository of the TP Link Smartplug plugin for OctoPrint can be found here. Thanks to its developer (jneilliii) for its great work. For your information, this developer has also made the Youtube-Live and the STL-Viewer plugins 😉

2. Cults integration

Cults has its direct integration in Printoid since v9.09, thanks to a great partnership with this french company!

I’ve improve the engine for a better sorting of the creations from the Cults’s selection. Now you will get the newest files first 😉

And I’ve also integrated a new menu, with the possibility to display the latest uploaded files on Cults. Now you’ll be able to discover more & more creative designs from amazing makers 🙂

And finally, some users didn’t want to mix Cults with the other 3D printers tools in the left menu. That’s why the Cults icon has moved to the header.

3. Temperatures in real-time

A lot of users are using Printoid to pre-heat their printers, to calibrate them, etc. And that’s really better when the temperature values are displayed in real-time 😉 Update to Printoid v9.10 and see how promply the UI is updated!

I’ve also changed the way to indicate the current value / target value for each tools. Now the text looks bigger. And if you have only at most two heated tools (for example only one hotend and no heated bed – or one hotend and a heated bed) then Printoid will display the target value bellow the current value ; so the temperatures are displayed in two lines and it is more comfortable.

Screenshot_20180214-164948_Printoid Premium


4. Connection to the printer

Printoid allows you to connect/disconnect your printer from OctoPrint since its very first version. But one thing was missing and not the least: a way to properly handle the connecting state.

In fact, the connection process can takes a very few seconds to complete. But sometimes it can be longer (up to 30 seconds in some cases). Unfortunately Printoid was displaying a dialog saying “good news, your printer is now connected and ready!” but… OctoPrint was still trying to connect to it.

That’s ended now. Printoid will display you a progress dialog while OctoPrint is connecting to the printer. Then, when Printoid says “it’s connected”, the printer is *really* connected 😉

And of course, if ever there is an error during the connection, Printoid will now inform you. Purely better to flag it as connected whereas it was not, isn’t it?

💕 Changelog

✏ Integration of the TP Link Smartplug plugin in Printoid PREMIUM
✏ Configure the TP Link IP address in the settings of Printoid
✏ Improve Cults’s selection (newest files first) and add the “latest files” pages
✏ Retrieve the temperatures in real time
✏ Rework the temperatures display
✏ Manage “connecting printer” state with a progress dialog
✏ Handle printer connection errors
🔧 Improve the profiles widget
🔧 Fix missing buttons in dialogs

💕 Notes de version

✏ Intégration du plugin TP Link Smartplug dans Printoid PREMIUM
✏ Configuration de l’IP du TP Link dans les paramètres de Printoid
✏ Amélioration de la sélection Cults (plus récents en 1er) et ajout des pages “nouveaux fichiers”
✏ Récupération des températures en temps réel
✏ Rework de l’affichage des températures
✏ Traitement de l’état “connexion à l’imprimante” avec dialog de progression
✏ Traitement des erreurs de connexion à l’imprimante
🔧 Amélioration du widget des profils
🔧 Fix des boutons manquant dans certains dialogues


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