Version 9.09 (02/08/2018)

Printoid v9.09 comes with a new amazing partnership with Cults ! (

1. Cults’s creations selection

The creations selection by Cults is now directly embedded in Printoid! You can access it from the new dedicated menu in the left drawer 😉

This selection includes the most amazing creations from the makers from France and all over the world.

For the moment, some links redirects you to the Cults website. But this feature will be improved a lot with the next releases! Search engine, direct download, direct upload to your OctoPrint server, and more features are coming soon!

Don’t hesitate to visit Cults, and stay tuned, a new contest to win your free license of Printoid PREMIUM will be online very soon to celebrate this new partnership!

2. OctoPrint’s system commands

I’m still reworking the commands panel to make it more user-friendly. Now you can directly access to your whole OctoPrint’s system commands (defined in config.yaml in your server configuration) from the new OctoPrint icon (see the following screenshot).

You’re not forced to create a new command in Printoid to send these commands to your server anymore, but the feature is still present of course.


3. New configuration options

According to the users feedback, two new configuration options are now available in the app:

– An option to force the LAN IP (or the WAN IP) to be used first during the connection process. By default, AUTO is selected (so nothing will change for you by default). The AUTO mode smartly selects which IP address should be used according your current network type and the parameters kept in memory by the app.

– An option to force the use of HTTP (or HTTPS) for the video streaming, regardless the current mode selected in your OctoPrint profile in Printoid. That’s useful for those who are using an external IP camera  only accessible over HTTP whereas your server is configured to use HTTPS.

I do not advise you to change these two new settings without knowing why you are changing them 😉

4. Again, stability and bug fixes

Like in all new versions, I’ve released a lot of patches to fix issues and stability in the app. Thanks a lot to every users which are contacting me to submit their bug reports, you are the best guys. Printoid is built by the community itself.

I’ve also reworked some UI parts. For example, the toasts when adjusting the sliders (temperatures, fan) are now more convenient (see following screenshot)

Screenshot_20180208-160538_Printoid Premium


5. Help me to finance the development

The development of the iOS version is still stuck. You can help me to finance my work on this version if you want 😉

I need your help to finance the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉 I’ll send you some exclusive stickers soon to thank you for your donation! 🙂


🍪 Changelog

✏ New feature: Printoid starts a partnership with, the Cults’s creations selection is now directly embedded in Printoid! Search file & more options are coming soon!
✏ New feature: all your OctorPrint’s system commands are now listed! Click on the OctoPrint icon in the commands panel
✏ New option: force HTTP or HTTPS for cameras
✏ New option: force to use LAN or WAN IP first
✏ New toast design when adjusting the sliders
🔧 Fix terminal logs forced to be displayed on 1 line only
🔧 Fix stability of the commands panel
🔧 Fix crash when screensaver starts
🔧 Log of bug and UI fixes

🍪 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle fonction : Printoid démarre un partenariat avec, la sélection Cults de créations est embarquée dans Printoid ! La recherche et autres options arrivent bientôt !
✏ Nouvelle fonction : toutes les commandes système OctoPrint sont desormais listées. Cliquez sur l’icône OctoPrint dans le panel de commandes
✏ Nouvelle option : forcer HTTP ou HTTPS pour les cameras
✏ Nouvelle option : forcer l’utilisation d’IP LAN ou WAN en premier
✏ Nouveau design des toasts lors de l’ajustement des sliders
🔧 Fix des msgs du terminal forcés sur 1 ligne
🔧 Fix de stabilité du panel de commandes
🔧 Fix de crash du screensaver
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs et d’UI


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