Version 9.03 (12/06/2017)

Version v9.03 is out with a lot of enhancements.

1/ Improvements of the files manager

The files manager has been improved on six points :

  • New smooth animation when receiving the whole list
  • New smooth animation when opening / closing a folder
  • New smooth animation when searching for a file by using the search bar
  • Improvements of the files parsing process (navigate faster between your folders)
  • Drag a file from the left to the right to directly print it
  • Drag a file or a folder from the right to the left to delete it (with a confirmation dialog)

2/ UI enhancements

The connection & progress dialogs look & feel has changed a bit. I’ve integrated some new random animations, for a better feeling when long operation are in progress 🙂

Each list of things now appears with a smooth animation.

Finally, for PRO and PREMIUM users, I’ve reworked a bit the custom commands editor layout for a better experience.

3/ Background enhancements

I’ve reduce the number of HTTP requests sent to OctoPrint to improve the CPU & network consumption on your phone, with no impact on the user experience.

I’ve also enhanced a lot some background processes in order to make the app faster and more reliable.

Differences between Printoid PRO and PREMIUM

I receive a lot of e-mails with this question: what are the difference between Printoid PRO and PREMIUM.

Everything was explained in the tutorial screens when you’ve opened the app for the first time. If a developer adds that kind of screens, that’s not just for the fun or to annoy the users 😉

The full versions comparator is available here:

Don’t forget the partnership with Arianeplast, -10% on all the filaments!

Printoid has started its first partnership with Arianeplast, one of the better french filaments producer. I’ve negociated a unlimited -10% voucher for the Printoid users on the whole online-shop, so don’t hesitate to visit the website 🙂

-10% voucher with this code : printoid

Help the developer to maintain Printoid

I need your help to continue the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉


❄ Changelog

Enhance the files manager performances
✏ Drag a file to the right to print it / to the left to delete it
✏ New smooth list animations
✏ New dialogs animations
✏ Allow installation of the app on the external storage
✏ Rework the command editor look & feel
✏ Reduce HTTP requests occurrences
✏ Improve the files & timelapses parsing speed
🔧 Fix commands in landscape mode
🔧 Lot of other bugfixes

Note de version

✏ Amélioration des perfs du manager de fichiers
✏ Glissez un fichier vers la droite pour imprimer / vers la gauche pour supprimer
✏ Nouvelles animations plus fluides
✏ Installez l’app sur le stockage externe
✏ Amélioration du design de l’éditeur de commandes
✏ Réduction du nombre de requêtes HTTP
✏ Amélioration de la récupération des fichiers & timelapses
🔧 Fix des commandes en paysage
🔧 Nombreux autres correctifs

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