Printoid’s icons update

Printoid v9 comes with some icons improvements!

  • Rounded corners
  • Homogeneous widths
  • Amplified 3D effect
  • Darker shadows
  • Droid and printer head are closer
  • Reduced shine on the printer head
  • Shadow added below the background


  • The Printoid’s icons are now closer to the Android’s requirements
  • They look like more professional
  • They are now ready for the Adaptive launcher icons feature introduced with Android Oreo

What do you think about the new icons? Feel free to send me your feedbacks!




ic_launcher_web_trial LITE


ic_launcher_web_pro PRO


ic_launcher_premium PREMIUM

2 thoughts on “Printoid’s icons update

  1. Hi Anthony, I like the new icons. They are more stylish IMO

    One thing that isn’t working flawlessly is when the floating icon is activated, I Can’t remove it through the recycle bin. The bin shows up, but when I move the icon over it, nothing happens. Is this a known problem?


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