Introducing new tutorials rating symbols

I’ve analyzed the average level of each Printoid user who’ve contacted me by e-mail to request more details about the tutorials.

First, be sure I always enhance the tutorials in each time a user tells me he has misunderstood something. My mail goal is to provide good tutorials for everybody.

Unfortunately, Printoid is not a magical tool : sometimes you I need you to perform some changes in your router or on your Raspberry Pi to make the features working well.

Of course, some features are a bit harder to understand and to configure on your network / or on your Raspberry P for some users. But I sometimes can’t be clearer. Also, I’m not an expert with videos and videocap, that’s why the tutorials are only illustrated by as many screenshots as possible.

Read the introduction of each tutorials: most of time I expose you the prerequisites and the expected knowledge/configuration to follow the tutorial.

I’ve also introduced new rating symbols at the beginning of each tutorials to indicates the difficulty.

Easy: The tutorial is really easy and can be followed by any user.

You don’t need any specific knowledge to understand the manipulation.

Medium: The tutorial is pretty easy to understand. But don’t miss any part of the explanations.

Sometimes you need to follow another tutorial first (exposed in the introduction)

Hard: The tutorial is pretty hard because it requests a lot of modifications.

Most of time, you need to have a certain knowledge to follow this tutorial (read the introduction carefully)



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