Version 8.05 (09/27/2017)

The second version which embed your feature requests of summer!

1/ Long press on files/folders

Now you can easily control what you want to do with your files by displaying the new contextual menu in the extended files manager.
You can also delete a folder! Note: take care when deleting folders, this will also delete all its files.

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2/ Joystick’s homing buttons

The 4 homing buttons of the joystick mode are now clickable (Home X, Home Y, Home Z and Home XYZ).
But you can still use the joystick to activate these features 😉


(Clicking on the Home XYZ button)

3/ New file filter

I’ve previously integrated a way to mark your files as favorite, with a little star on the right of the file name.
Yeah, that was pretty useless for a lot of you. But now you can display only your favorite files with the new file filter!
Please note that you will get a list of the whole files marked as favorite, that’s why in this view you wont be able to navigate in your folders.


(I’ve 4 files marked as favorites)

4/ And…

…a lot of bugfixes. A least 50 patches to resolve your issues (only the main issues are listed in the changelog, please ask me by email if ever you want the full change logs – list of last patches)


(The background color selector for the widget is now displaying well)

🎒 Changelog

✏ New feature: long press in a file/folder in the extended files manager to open the contextual menu
✏ Joystick’s homing buttons are now clickable
✏ New files filter: show only files marked as favorite (star enabled)
🇳🇱 Update the translations in Dutch
🔧 Enhance connector process to OctoPrint
🔧 Enhance notifications with Android 8.0 (Oreo)
🔧 Fix widget background color selection
🔧 Fix cost manager displaying weird values
🔧 Fix strange texts in dialogs

🎒 Note de version

✏ Nouvelle fonction : long press sur un fichier/dossier pour ouvrir le menu contextuel
✏ Les boutons “home” du joystick sont désormais clickables
✏ Nouveau filtre de fichiers : afficher seulement les favoris (marqués d’une étoile)
🇳🇱 Mise à jour du Néerlandais
🔧 Amélioration du process de connexion à OctoPrint
🔧 Amélioration des notifications sous Android 8.0 (Oreo)
🔧 Fix de la sélection d’une couleur de fond de widget
🔧 Fix du manager de coûts affichant des valeurs extravagantes
🔧 Fix des textes étranges dans les dialogues


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