Version 8.04 (09/08/2017)

After more than one month without any release (vacation, vacation!) here is the first version for this new school year!

As promise, I’ve read & answer to all your emails I’ve received during my vacation. So the v8.04 does not contain great new features but rather a lot of enhancements (UI + UX) and some little but useful features.

Usually, you bought your filament by weight (spools of 500g, 750g, 1kg, 2kg…) so you know the price per kilogram. You can now use the cost manager embedded in Printoid with the cost per kilogram! You need to provide 3 things to the app:

  • The price per kilogram in your selected currency (for example 15.50 for a spool of 2kg you’ve bought for 31$)
  • The filament diameter (usually 1.75mm or 3mm)
  • The filament density (see the datasheet provided by your filament supplier, usually 1.01g/cm³ for ABS or 1.25g/cm³ for PLA)

Thanks to the great work of Ruud, the application is now translated in Dutch for our friend from the Netherlands! Thank you so much Ruud, that’s a pleasure to work with you.

And, as I’ve noticed, this release comes with a lot of enhancements & bug fixes.

I hope that this version will be as stable as possible guys, because I will left you for the next week (2nd part of my vacation!) but I’ll still be contactable by email.


🎒 Changelog

🇳🇱 Printoid is available in Dutch, for our friends from Netherlands, thanks to the great help of Ruud!
✏ Enhance cost plugin: now you can define the price per kilogram!
✏ Rework the whole interface (better display of texts)
🔧 Enhance 2D & 3D visualizer buttons
🔧 Enhance inconsistent file dates (48 years ago)
🔧 Fix the language chooser for Android N+
🔧 Lot of bugfixes!

🎒 Notes de version

🇳🇱 Printoid est désormais disponible en Hollandais pour nos amis des Pays-Bas, grâce au super travail de Ruud !
✏ Amélioration du plugin de coûts : définissez le prix au kilogramme !
✏ Rework de l’interface (meilleur affichage des textes)
🔧 Amélioration des buttons du visualiseur 2D & 3D
🔧 Fix des dates incohérentes (il y a 48 ans)
🔧 Fix du sélecteur de langue pour Android N+
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs


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