Version 8.03 (08/04/2017)

Hey, I thought that the v8.02 would be the last release before my vacation, but this night I’ve found a way to highly improve Printoid!

Here are the two latest works I’ve done.

1/ The 2D/3D renderers crash the app

I’ve increased the heap size of the app in order to let you rendering some larger files.

In fact, Android limits the memory access to each running app. That’s why sometimes (or always, unfortunately) the app crashes when you try to render a file in 2D or in 3D, because of an out of memory issue.

I’ve tried a trick for that, by requesting Android to provide to the app a larger heap size.

I had good results with that, I’ve properly rendered a 38MB file I was still not able to render yesterday (see the attached screenshot).

Please still note that:

  • The ability of Printoid to render the files only depends on your phone model. Of course, the shipest devices will allocate less memory to Printoid dues to hardware limitation, whereas high-range devices will allocate more.
  • Whatever happens, rendering a large file (40MB for example) will still take a long time. Android is not optimized at all for that kind of operations.


2/ Sometimes the app kills my data fair-use

Some of you reported me that Printoid produced an over-consumption of data, even if the app goes in background.

That was probably due to the video streaming, for which the pipe with the server was not properly closed with the app. So, even in background, the streaming was continuing to download the bitmap images… that drastically affects your data fair-use.

I’ve changed the way to retrieve and process the image. This issue should be part of the past right now guys.


🌴 Changelog

🔧 Fix the data usage over-consumption in background
🔧 Start to fix the 3D and 2D renderers issues (crashes of the app)
🔧 Lot of bugfixes and enhancements


🌴 Notes de version

🔧 Fix de la surconsommation de données en arrière plan
🔧 Fix de bugs avec le rendu 3D et 2D (crashes de l’appli)
🔧 Nombreux bugfixes et améliorations


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