Version 7.14 (30/06/2017)

A lot of parts has been redesigned to produce a more modern app 🙂

You can also, with this release, directly stream your timelapse videos using VLC (the VLC application needs to be installed now in order to play the timelapses, since Android does not support natively the MJPEG videos format…)

Finally, this version is probably one of the most stable version I’ve ever produced! 100% of my tests has passed yesterday on 10 devices, without any crash or latency!

Don’t hesitate to support my work on Printoid and help me to finance the iOS version of the app on Patreon!

😎 Changelog

✏ Rework the progress dialogs look & feel!
✏ Directly stream your timelapses video using VLC without downloading them!
✏ Reset selected tool only after 30 seconds of inactivity of extrude/retract features
✏ New “help” button in the settings panel
✏ Enhance the process when switching between profiles
✏ Enhance the file names colors
✏ Enhance the notifications look & content
🔧 Fix the toggle buttons issue in the OctoPrint profiles
🔧 Lot of stability enhancements

😎 Note de version

✏ Nouveau look des dialogues de progression !
✏ Streamez directement vos timelapses avec VLC sans téléchargement !
✏ Reset de l’ext. séléctionné après 30 secondes d’inactivité
✏ Nouveau bouton “aide” dans les paramètres
✏ Amélioration du processus de changement de profil
✏ Amélioration des couleurs des noms de fichiers
✏ Amélioration du look & du contenu des notifications
🔧 Fix des boutons toggle dans les profils OctoPrint
🔧 Nombreuses améliorations de la stabilité


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