Version 7.13 (06/21/2017)

A ton of enhancements in this new version! After one day trying to build this version for Android 8.0, the update is now available!

[ERRATUM] Of course it’s the v7.13, not the v7.18 as previously indicated in the title 😉

1/ A new widget in Printoid!

A lot of you are using Printoid to manage more than one 3D printer at once. When you wanted to connect to a given printer, you had to open Printoid and, finger crossed, you were hoping that the last loaded profile was the correct one. Otherwise, you were forced to change the selected profile manually.

It’s no more needed right now: you can add widgets to your app launcher to directly start Printoid with the correct profile!

2/ Widgets customization

Some of you were anoying about the white (and translucent) background of the job widget. Printoid now lets you change this color from the app settings!
Soon, you will also be able to change the text color 😉

3/ Stop the motors from the main interface

Printoid lets you adding up to 4 of your custom commands on the main control panel, beside the jog controls. But a lot of you were requesting me to have the “stop motors” button by default on the main screen. Here it is!

4/ Navigation in the layers with the real-time simulator

Printoid has its own real-time 2D simulator. But I’ve understood that, this simulator is useful only if you are able to check how is the next layers. Now you are able to pause the simulation and check the previous & next layers. Simply resume the simulator to display it in real-time again.

5/ New QR code scanner

Creating a profile in Printoid is the first main action for all the new users. Since you can’t anymore copy/past the Api Key from your OctoPrint server, I have integrated a better, faster (stronger) and more powerful QR code scanner. Now it will directly detect and analyze your QR code without having to focus manually on your computer screen.

Some of you are facing a common issue: OctoPrint provides “N/A” in place of a real Api Key. Printoid will detect this issue and advice you to restart your OctoPrint server.

6/ Files manager enhancements

Like in OctoPrint, Printoid will display the file names with colors:
– in white for STL files, folders, and GCODE files not printed yet
– in green for GCODE files which are printed with success
– in red for GCODE files which are printed with failure

I’ve also reworked the stored files management for the 2D & 3D visualizers: now you can switch between your OctoPrint profiles without purging the whole stored files.

7/ Connection enhancements

I’ve reworked the connection dialog content, following a request of Daniel Eaton:
– The dialog now displays the IP address currently tested
– The dialog also contains the name of the current WiFi network (or carrier)
So you are able to directly know if Printoid is doing it right or not 😉

8/ Video enhancements

Now the video by overlay can be displayed in full screen, in portrait and in landscape mode.

Also, the videos can be zoomed from 0.4x to 15x, instead of 1x to 8x, as requested by a lot of users 😉

😎 Changelog

✏ Get ready for Android 8.0! (Android O)
✏ New widget: quickly start Printoid for the given OctoPrint profile!
✏ New feature: edit the widgets background color from the settings
✏ New control button: stop motors
✏ Navigate in the layers with the 2D simulator!
✏ New QR code scanner, faster & more powerful
✏ Show the file name in green/red (last print is success/failure)
🔧 Enhance the connection process, dialogs & errors management
🔧 Enhance the stored files management (now per profile)
and also…
✏ New zoom factors for the video: from 0.4x to 15x
✏ Display the IP address in the connection dialog
✏ Display the current network in the connection dialog
🔧 Warning when the scanner returns “N/A” from OctoPrint QR code
🔧 Enhance the video by overlay
🔧 Enhance the widgets management (may broke some widgets)
🔧 Enhance the notification when switching between profiles

😎 Notes de version

✏ Prêt pour Android 8.0! (Android O)
✏ Nouveau widget : démarrez rapidement Printoid avec un profil OctoPrint donné !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : modifiez la couleur de fond des widgets depuis les paramètres
✏ Nouveau bouton de contrôle : arrêt des moteurs
✏ Naviguez dans les couches depuis le simulateur 2D !
✏ Nouveau scanner de QR code, plus rapide et performant
✏ Affichage du nom de fichier en vert/rouge (dernière impression succès/échec)
🔧 Amélioration du process de connexion, des dialogues et des erreurs
🔧 Amélioration de la gestion du stockage des fichiers (désormais par profil)
et également…
✏ Nouveaux facteurs de zoom pour les vidéos : de 0.4x à 15x
✏ Affichage de l’adresse IP utilisée pour la connexion dans le dialogue
✏ Affichage du nom de réseau utilisé pour la connexion dans le dialogue
🔧 Affichage d’une erreur lorsque “N/A” est retournée par OctoPrint lors du scan du QR code
🔧 Amélioration de la vidéo par superposition
🔧 Amélioration du management des widgets (peut casser la compatibilité avec les widgets existants)
🔧 Amélioration de la notification lors du passage d’un profil à un autre


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