Version 7.11 (05/26/2017)

After two weeks working on this, here comes the new files manager! This update takes part of the improvement of the interface I’ve started with Printoid 7.

Why a new file manager?

Your files are the center of Printoid & OctoPrint. That’s why I wanted to make the manager greater and smarter.

With its new look & feel, I’ve saved some precious place on screen, so I was able to introduce new useful features!

1/ The new design

The selected file details is the most important change. The icons are now displayed on a single lines bellow to couple file name + estimated printing duration in portrait mode.

I’ve also added a “concurrent” progress bar that visually shows:

  • The percentage of successfully printings
  • The percentage of failing printing

On the right, more informations can be displayed right now:

  • The number of success
  • The number of failures
  • The object dimensions on the plate (width x depth x height)
  • The estimated cost for printing this file (NEW!)

The new bottom tool bar contains one icon per feature:

  • Sort the files
  • Create a new folder
  • Move the selected file to another folder
  • Upload a new file to the current folder
  • Analyze the current folder (NEW!)

2/ The folder analyzer

How much time will I spent to print all these files? How much money will I finally spent? Am I printing successfully all my files?

The new folder analyzer feature is your best companion to answer to these questions you’ve probably asked yourself before!

This feature can be activated from the extended files manager only. It will parse the currently opened folder (or the root directory instead, if you are currently not inside one of your folders).

You will be able to learn a lot about your files, your printing experience, and the total values (filament usage, estimated time, size…). That’s the best way to takes part of the advantage of the new folders feature introduced with OctoPrint 1.3.0. Now you will be able to smartly manage your assemblies of parts 😉

3/ The cost plugin

Printoid will now compute and display an estimation of the cost for each your GCODE files. In the Printoid’s settings, you will be able to adjust:
  • Your locale currency
  • The estimated cost per hour (electrical cost of your 3D printer for an hour)
  • The estimated cost per meter (filament cost per meter)
Please note that:
  • This feature does not need you to install the cost plugin on OctoPrint
  • This is just an estimation. The real cost may vary according the values you’ve entered in the settings, the estimated printing duration and the expected filament length consumption
  • Printoid can’t compute the cost if ever OctoPrint does not have computed the needed filament length nor the estimated printing duration

4/ Mark your files as favorite

Still in the extended files manager, you are now able to highlight some of your important files with a star, on the right of the file name in the list.
This feature was requested by a lot of users – please note that very soon, Printoid will be able to manage separately your favorite files and the other ones for example 😉

5/ Files manager engines enhancements

Finally, I’ve also enhanced a lot some of the integrated engines in the files manager:
  • Search engine: the search engine is now able to search for folders, and the results are sorted in the same way than the expected sorting method
  • Sorting methods: you can now sort the files from the extended files manager, and you can sort by number of success / failures!

6/ Other changes

Some of you are using the custom cURL commands in Printoid. But I’ve missed to integrate a field to customize the arguments to be sent with your commands. Now you can send the expected commands as you want (most of time you should send a JSON formatted string, like for example:
{ “command”=”enableFeature” }
Please note that, in that case, the ”  {  } characters are really important and takes part of the full argument you would like to provide with your cURL command.


🌹 Changelog

✏ Rework the extended files manager! Smarter and more clear!
✏ New feature: folder analyzer!
✏ New feature: cost plugin!
✏ New feature: mark files as favorite!
🔧 Enhance the files sorting modes
🔧 Enhance the search engine
🔧 Enhance cURL commands with a new field for arguments

🌹 Notes de version

✏ Nouveau manager de fichiers étendu ! Plus clair et plus intelligent !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : analyseur de dossiers !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : manager de coûts !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : marquez vos fichiers comme favoris !
🔧 Amélioration des modes de tri de fichiers
🔧 Amélioration du moteur de recherche
🔧 Amélioration des commandes cURL avec un nouveau champ d’arguments


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