Discover Printoid Premium on Google Play

Printoid Premium is the high-end version of Printoid for OctoPrint on Google Play!

With this version, you can create your own physical interface to control Printoid and communicate with your 3D printer.

For example, you can:


  • Use ADB to communicate with Printoid from your Raspberry Pi. Just plug your smartphone or tablet over USB to your Raspberry, and send the dedicated commands to control your axis, heater heads, heater bed, extruders, and send your own GCODE commands without having to use your touchscreen! The whole commands list is available here.


  • Use a physical keyboard to communicate with Printoid. Just plug your keyboard over USB to your phone (using an OTG cable) or connect it using the Bluetooth. Same as ADB, each keyboard’s keys is connected to a specific feature. You can also directly send your own GCODE commands, press the space bar to open the sender dialog! The whole keys list is available here.


Printoid Premium is more dedicated for the users who want to make their own physical interface, directly integrated to their RepRap (or any 3D printer) without having to buy expensive equipment (such as touch screens) while enjoying the powerful of Printoid 😉 All the features of Printoid Pro are also included in this version.

You can download the app here:

And check the full versions comparator here.



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