Version 6.27 (03/11/2017)

A lot of users complained about the MINTEMP errors (and all other kind of printer errors forwarded by OctoPrint) behavior in Printoid. Indeed, I treated all errors as “Server not connected” on my side. So you were unable to restart your printer with Printoid because all the commands were greyed. Now that’s fixed, Printoid is handling the errors acting like if the status is “printer disconnected”.

I’ve also reduced a lot the margin between the panels in some 7″ & 10″ devices, removed the ugly blue line in the tiny files manager, and bring back the temperature values on the right of the graph in portrait mode (regression)

I’m also integrating the translations of the Wear app, thanks to Dmitriy & Nico 😉


✏ Handle all OctoPrint status error (such as MINTEMP)
✏ Enhance look & feel for 7″ & 10″ devices
🇩🇪 Translate the Wear module in German
✏ Allow to force the language of the Wear module too
🔧 Fix missing temperature values on the right of the graph
🔧 Fix heated bed temperature historic not properly retrieved
🔧 Fix some connection issues

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