Version 6.24 (03/02/2017)

A new versions with a lot of new options!

1/ Multiple fan control

Some 3D printers (such as, for example, Dagoma DiscoEasy) have a double ventilation system. Each fan can be managed separately. That’s why I’ve added the possibility to activate the control of a second fan (by default you will still have only on fan slider).

In the Printoid’s settings, category “tools”, select your expected number of fans. Don’t forget to define the GCODE parameter too: for example, in the Marlin’s firmware of the DiscoEasy, we can target the fan with the following command: M106 S255 P0 or M106 S255 P1, where P0 and P1 are the fan target arguments. But the argument letter (‘P’ in this example) can directly depends on your 3D printer’s firmware.

2/ Multiple extruders control

Printoid is able to manage up to 10 extruders since the last versions. Now you can also manage all of them with the Android Wear module! I’ve added two more pages (according to the number of extruders you have) in order to display at most 4 sliders per screen.

3/ Serial port chooser

Some of you are using the same OctoPrint server to pilot more than one 3D printer. In order to let you switching easily between each printer, please note that:

  1. You have to disconnect the current printer (from the left menu) before connecting to another one
  2. When clicking on “Connect printer” (still from the left menu) you will be able to show the serial port selector screen
  3. If ever you’ve defined a serial port as default, you can now force the serial port chooser again from the Printoid’s settings, category “Connection”
  4. If ever you define another port as default, this option will be automatically deactivated

4/ Connection process simplification

Some of the new users have connections issues. Most of time, that’s due to a wrong network configuration, or a very bad connectivity.

Printoid is trying to connect to your OctoPrint server following this process:

Ping server (locally only, because your network configuration may refuse the ICMP protocol by default when trying to ping the public IP)

Contact OctoPrint through the REST API (most important part to ensure that Printoid can communicate with the server – and to retrieve the current status)

Sending a GCODE command to the printer (to ensure that some of Printoid features will work properly – the command sent is a basic M105 – temperature request)

If you have issues with the connection, you can now bypass the steps 1 and 3 from the new settings option in “Connection” (not recommended to activate it if you don’t have any issue)

5/ Preparation of new features

I will start new integrations in Printoid about the printer profiles management. That’s why I’ve renamed the menu “Printer Profiles” to “OctoPrint Profiles”. This is more clear like that, because I’ve first assumed that 1 OctoPrint server = 1 3D printer. But more & more users are managing more than one 3D printer with the same server. (see the point 3 of this release note)

6/ Official website communication

A lot of the new users are still lost after the installation of the app because of a lack of knowledges about the network configuration & co – whereas I’ve posted a lot of tutorials on the official website. Now the tutorials will show a page with a direct integration of a welcome page, from

7/ UI enhancements

You can now find the current selected OctoPrint profile name in the status bar πŸ˜‰

I’ve also reworked the look & feel of the password locker screen.

For convenience, I’ve added a ‘cancel’ button in the connection progress dialog. In fact, when your OctoPrint server is down, you would probably send a SSH command from the Commands panel. So it’s a bit annoying to wait for the 10 sec timeout when you know that the connection will failed πŸ˜‰

8/ Bugfixes

Launching the app from the notification whereas the password locker feature is activated is now fixed (when you launched the app and type your password with success, nothing happened)

I’ve also fixed the layouts of the Android Wear module (regression since the upgrade to Android Wear 2.0 libraries)

🌼 Changelog

✏ Allow to control up to 2 fans!
✏ Wear module supports up to 10 extruders
✏ New option to force the app language
✏ New option to force the serial port chooser when connecting printer
✏ New password locker look & feel
✏ New option to simplify the connection process (fix some users issues)
✏ Interate cancel button in connection dialog
✏ Display profile name in the title bar
✏ ‘Add new command’ button moved in the list
✏ ‘Printer profiles’ are now named ‘OctoPrint profiles’
✏ Add official website page in tutorials
πŸ”§ Fix app opening from notifications
πŸ”§ Fix Android Wear look & feel

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