Version 6.09 (01/14/2016)

Version 6.09 is now out on Google Play!

The main feature of this new version is for people with deuteranopia (red/green colors weakness). A new option can be activated in the settings, in order to change the red and green colors for more contrasted colors.

I’ve also made a lot of changes in the background process in order to have a better stability over time. The data displayed have also been reworked for more complience with the progress bar.

I’ve also noticed that most of you were unable to find how to open the expanded files manager, and thus acceed to the 2D/3D visualizers. Now you can directly open it from the menu. The Printoid website link has moved in the settings panel and will be shown only when one or more new articles to read.

🎆 Changelog

🔧 Add Deuteranopia mode (red/green weakness – can be enabled from the settings)
🔧 Enhance stability of background process & notification
🔧 Open the extended files manager from the menu
🔧 Link to the official website has moved to the settings panel
🔧 Integrate 6 new icons in the selector (ON/OFF & temperatures)
🔧 Integrate 2 SSH and 1 GCODE commands as samples
🔧 Fix crashes when timelapses API is not available

screenshot_20170114-020619(The main panel with Deuteranopia mode activated)

screenshot_20170114-020644(The new Deuteranopia mode in the settings)


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