Version 5.23 (12/28/2016)

Winter maintenance release #2!

A lot of bugfixes in this release! Thank you everybody for your e-mails, your bugs reporting, your patience, your support and your huge help! This is amazing, I’ve never enjoy the client support as much as today, your are amazing guys. You really contribute to make Printoid better!

The main work in this release was the behaviors of the main screen. No more crashes (fingers crossed!), better management of screen orientation changes (now you can directly rotate the streaming panel for example, without have to restart it), better behaviors when another app or dialog come above Printoid, etc.

A special note about the 3D renderer for the Simplify3D and Slic3r users: I’m still working hard on it. No good result yet, but I don’t throw in the towel!

[EDIT] Cross-posted a bit early, the update will be available in the next tenth of minutes on Google Play πŸ™‚

❄ Changelog

πŸ”§ Enhance home screen behavior when another dialog is above
πŸ”§ Restore the previous screen state when screen orientation change
πŸ”§ Fix slicer regression after folders integration
πŸ”§ Fix slicer issues with parameters in french and russian
πŸ”§ Fix previous file selection when opening the expanded files manager
πŸ”§ Fix some out of memory crash issues with the 3D renderer
πŸ”§ Fix streaming issue when http:// or https:// is entered manually before the IP
πŸ”§ Fix lags when opening streaming from the menu
πŸ”§ Fix disabled menu items still clickable
πŸ”§ Fix back press when folder is opened and streaming is showing


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