Version 5.21 (12/26/2016)

Winter maintenance 1!

Three important points:

The floating icon for showing the video streaming from anywhere has now a smart connector process in order to always be able to display your video, even if you switch from a type of network to another. For example, if you are connected to your local network and you go out of your home, then the streaming will be shown on the 3G/4G without having to reload Printoid.

Some of you love the floating button, but only when you are printing a file. So, now, when you start a print with Printoid, the floating button will appear automatically again! At the end of the print, you can suppress this icon if you think it’s annoying when your printer is idle!

Finally I’ve enhanced the last Christmas feature: the custom icons on the main panel are now properly drawn. I’ve corrected the aspect ratio on all devices, and the color issues.

As a maintenance release, this version comes also with its batch of bugfixes!

❄ Changelog

🎥 The floating icon for streaming use now the smart connector: your streaming will be displayed in LAN & WAN without having to reload Printoid
🎥 New option to auto-start the floating button when starting a print
🔧 Fix aspect ratio of the custom commands in main screen
🔧 Fix wrong colorization issues
🔧 Fix tool selection command sent on opening Printoid
🔧 Fix time progressbar issues
🔧 Fix a lot of crashes
🔧 Rework tutorials look & feel

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