Version 5.18 (12/20/2016)

Another release with great enhancements I’ve developed the last week-end, before Christmas 😉

First, I’ve though it was important to rework the custom GCODE & SSH commands panel. The previous release has enhanced a bit this screen, but know I’ve chosen to integrate the possibility to choose your icon to represent your command. If you miss some icons, don’t hesitate to contact me, this will be a pleasure to integrate theim in the next releases 🙂

Second, I’ve reworked the main menu: now it’s more compact, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on the informations of the main panel while you’re navigating on the menu options 😉

🎄 Changelog

🔧 Enhance custom commands panel: choose an icon per command (GCODE & SSH). Send me an e-mail if you wanna see some other specific icons!
🔧 New menu look & feel: more compact & more smart!

img_oh69dq(The new menu, more compact)


screenshot_20161220-205345(The new commands panel, with custom icons)


4 thoughts on “Version 5.18 (12/20/2016)

  1. Hi Anthony, having some issues with the custom commands now since update. I’ll contact you via email cheers


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