Version 5.14 (12/14/2016)

Small update of Printoid today. No new incredible features, but many enhancements for your comfort.

First, I’ve tried to fix the issues with the Black Edition theme. Now it should stay selected in the devices under Android v5.0 and less.

I’ve also added some informations in overlay of the video streaming when displayed in portrait mode, or expanded in landscape mode:

  • Current & target temperatures for printer heads and bed
  • Print progress (GCODE & time)
  • Remaining time

Finally, two users have reported me that they have some connection issues after upgrading their OctoPrint server. One solution consists of creating a new printer profile in Android with the same settings, then deleting the new one. But I totally understand, this could be really annoying. And unfortunately, I haven’t found the source of the issue yet. But on the other hand I’ve integrated an option in the settings to bypass this issue if ever it occurs. This is called “Fix connection issues after upgrade“, so please enable this option only if this issue occurs with your configuration.

🎄 Changelog

💎 Real-time 2D visualizer is now more precise
💎 Fix GCODE layers count and rename first layer ‘1’ instead of ‘0’
🎥 Display temperatures & print infos above the video stream (can be disabled)
🔧 Fix the Black Edition theme on Android 5.0 and below
🔧 Add an option to enable in the settings if you have connection issues after updating OctoPrint
🔧 Print more informations on warning dialog on connection errors

screenshot_20161214-210534(Video streaming with temperatures & print infos in portrait mode)

screenshot_20161214-210551(Video streaming with temperatures & print infos in landscape mode)

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