Version 5.05 (11/25/2016)

Printoid v5.05 is now on Google Play. You can find the full changelog bellow.

Three important points:

  • I’m still working hard on the GCODE visualizer. I’m a newbie with OpenGL ; so this feature takes me a long & hard time
  • I’ll also work on the integration of the STL visualizer in the slicer process, directly embedded in Printoid. So you’ll be able to adjust the size/position/rotation, etc. of your object before starting the slice
  • I’ve much less time than usually, since I’ve other personal projects beside. That’s why for the next weeks, Printoid’s updates will be more spaced in time.

I hope you’re understanding that I’m doing all my best to provide you the best features possible in Printoid πŸ˜‰

Thanks for your support!

🍁 Changelog

πŸ’Ž STL rendering is now faster
πŸ’Ž Support GCODE rendering for files sliced with Cura 12 and before
πŸ”§ New icons for extrude/retract to indicates which tool is selected
πŸ”§ Enhance the file uploader (faster and safer)
πŸ”§ Enhance the upload button size in the file manager
πŸ”§ Support more devices (old ZTE and HTC)


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