[FEATURED] Support OctoPrint on Patreon

Gina Häußge is developing an amazing tool. OctoPrint can make any Reprap connected, and this has changed our life of printers!

That’s why it’s really important to support this development. Open source projects are free to use, but there are incredible developers behind, that are working very hard to provide all there best.

On Patreon, you can pledge 1$, 3$, 10$ per month… or the amout you want, there is not limit except your generosity! 1$ per month is inexpensive for one people, but when 1000 people are pledging 1$ it becomes a substantial sum, doesn’t it?

Printoid supports Gina Häußge, on Patreon. And you?

I want to be a proud supporter of OctoPrint too!


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