Trick #2: Create a new slicer profile

Your are able to directly slice your STL files from Printoid (Trial, Pro & Premium)

But do you know that it’s also possible to use your application in the same way you’re using Cura from your laptop? This is an exclusive feature only available in Printoid!

Step 1: import your STL file

Easy: upload your STL files from Printoid (or directly from the OctoPrint’s web-interface)


After that, your STL files can be shown on the Printoid’s file manager. Unlike the GCODE files, the action buttons are specially dedicated (but you can still delete & download it).

Step 2: select a slicer profile for the edition

If you’ve already imported/created some slicer profiles, you will be able to select the one to be edited. If ever you have no profile yet, the operation is the same, and the parameters will be the Cura’s default ones.


Once selected, just click on the “pen button” next to the profile.

Step 3: start the edition

Printoid allows you different operations through its profile editor:

  • Create your first profile, adjust the default parameters to your tast then validate.
  • Simple edition, just adjust your parameters then validate the changes. This will override the existing configuration (and this can’t be undone)
  • Create a new profile starting from the selected one: adjust the parameters and don’t forget to change the display name and the description (see screenshot below) then validate
  • Delete the profile (take care, this operation can’t be undone too – but don’t worry a dialog will warn you before the deletion)


Easy, right?


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