Version 4.13 (11/07/2016)

Here’s the version 4.13 of Printoid. This is more a minor update than the previous one, but it comes with its lot of enhancements/bugfixes/stabilization patchs.
Also, as asked by many users, there is now a small notification in the menu, next to the option button, which will indicates how many articles are still unread on (this will help you a lot to follow the sustained update pace since I’m now posting each new release on the official website’s feed).

🍁 Changelog

πŸ„ Now supports the commands from ADB (see to learn how to use them) (Premium version)
πŸ‘‚ Small notification in the menu to indicates how many articles are unread on
πŸ™† Connection process now always remember which IP should be used according the current network
πŸ’… UI enhancements for small screens
πŸ”§ Lot of bugfixes

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