3D visualizer

💎 Work with the 3D visualizer (Pro & Premium versions)

Printoid v5 brings a new amazing feature: a 3D visualizer for your GCODE and STL files! It pretty simple to use it.

Go to the extended file manager (two ways: 1/ go to menu > expand the view > click on the file manager card ; or 2/ click on the magnyfing glass from the file manager card). Once opened, you will have an access to your file list and to the details of the selected file. Just click on the “cube” icon and let Printoid render the 3D object!

Here are the gestures that can be used on the visualizer:

  • Drag one finger on the screen to rotate the view around the center of the visualizer ;
  • Drag two fingers on the screen to translate the view ;
  • Pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom ;
  • Double-tap the screen to restore the initial zoom and position.


When you work with a STL file, you are able to switch between different render modes:

  • Normal: the object is rendered with its basic aspect ;
  • Overhang: the object is rendered with its basic aspect, but the over-hanged surfaces are displayed in red ;
  • Transparent: this mode let you see over the surfaces in front of you ;
  • X-ray: this mode let you see the whole lines of your objects, even those that are normally hidden over all other surfaces

screenshot_20161117-162213(Render mode: normal)

screenshot_20161117-162236(Render mode: transparent)

screenshot_20161117-162321(Render mode: x-ray)

screenshot_20161117-162339(Render mode: overhang)

When you work with a GCODE file, you are able to navigate in the layers of the object by dragging the slider on the right edge of the visualizer.

screenshot_20161118-162632(GCODE layer visualizer in landscape mode)

screenshot_20161118-162959(GCODE layer visualizer in portrait mode)