🇪🇸 Impresoras3D.com talk about Printoid

Impresoras3D.com, a Spanish website dedicated to 3D printers, talk about Printoid in its last article.

The article is called “Si lo hubiera sabido antes…” (If I had known before…) and you can read it here:


It seems an unnecessary luxury, but if you print large pieces, surely you have experienced that anxiety to leave home, leave the printer running, and spend the whole day wondering if the piece is going well. Has the light gone? Is it stuck? warping? etc. If you have experienced that feeling, you will agree that it is not worth it. It is not difficult to mount a system that allows you to remotely monitor the printer and stop it if necessary. Once you start using it, you do not understand how you could have been printing “blind” for so long.

You can use an Octoprint-type system, although there are many. There is even an application to monitor and control the 3D printer from the mobile, like this one from Printoid.

And here is the translation in English 😉 Thanks to them for this article!


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