🇫🇷 Cults talks about Printoid

Cults is a market place that brings together 3D model creators and people who want to print objects in 3D. Cults is for all 3D printer owners who want access to premium and original creations to make yourself.

Because it’s not possible for everyone to have the soul of an artist or to be able to master 3D creation software, Cults showcases the work of all these designers who will make tomorrow 3D printing will become accessible to all.

Cults is also a community space that brings together all the fans of the world of 3D printing to interact with each other.

Thank to Hugo, Pierre and Sunny from Cults, Printoid has started a very nice partnership with this great maker’s platform, and they posted an article about the app on their blog. You can read their article from the following link!

The article in english: https://cults3d.com/en/blog/articles/printoid-for-octoprint

The article in french: https://cults3d.com/fr/blog/articles/printoid-pour-octoprint

The article in spanish: https://cults3d.com/es/blog/articles/printoid-per-octoprint

Don’t hesitate to visit and follow Cults too!


And to celebrate the integration of the creation’s selection powered by Cults in Printoid, there are 5 free licenses of Printoid PREMIUM to win!

Click here to enter the Gleam contest

The Gleam contest opens on Wednesday, the 14th of February, at 2:00PM (time of Paris). Stay tuned!



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