Printoid Premium is now available on Amazon Appstore 🏪

Printoid PREMIUM (and only Printoid PREMIUM) is now available on the Amazon Appstore.

You can now install Printoid on your Fire devices and automatically keep your app updated!

Download Printoid PREMIUM on Amazon Appstore

Download Printoid PREMIUM on Amazon Appstore


Why only Printoid PREMIUM?

On Google Play, there are three versions to be maintained: LITE, PRO, and PREMIUM. I need to take a lot time to publish these three versions each time I deliver a new update.

I can’t manage to do the same work for the Amazon Appstore. That’s why there is only one available version.

Moreover, there is only a few users with Fire devices. Most of the Printoid users have Google Play installed on there devices.


What about the devices compatibility?

For the moment, only some of the Fire devices are compatible. That mean, for the moment, some of you will not be able to find and download Printoid from the Amazon Appstore. I will improve the compatibility list as soon as possible, don’t worry.

6 thoughts on “Printoid Premium is now available on Amazon Appstore 🏪

  1. Just got a new Fire 8, and see that its not on the compatibility list. I completely understand the effort required to support all the platforms/devices – but once my Fire is compatible, I’ll definitely buy the Premium version!


    1. Hello Scott,

      Be sure I’ll try to support as many devices as possible in the Amazon AppStore. But that’s pretty hard 😉



    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately I got some pain to make it available for all the Amazon devices. Stay tuned, I’ll try to fix that asap !



    1. Hello, unfortunately yes the link is dead for the moment, because of Google licensing issues. A lot of work is required before making the app available again on the Amazon app store


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