🐫 Printoid supports the Team Kin’escapade for the 21st *4L Trophy*

Established in 1997 upon the initiative of Jean Jacques Rey – founder of the event. 4L Trophy is a humanitarian rally that only student can join with Renault 4 cars. Its objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide children with school supplies. The objective of the event is schooling 3000 Moroccan children, that is why each team aims at delivering 50 kg of school equipment.

Each year more than 50 tons of school supplies are brought in Morocco. One part is given to the Moroccan League for the Protection of Children in Fez and the other part is distributed in schools along the route.

There is a strong relationship that has been developed between the raid and different association, for instance with the association “Enfant du désert” (children in the desert). This association has been created to encourage education for kids living in this particularly poor region of Morocco. Each year, children and students meet in the camping area and students gives the results of their materials rising to the association and play with the children. There is an official list of what students are supposed to bring. The main elements that are expected are school and sports materials but also medication. According to the raid organization, “Enfant du désert” got €33.665 from the participants and Deloitte and 20000 children will benefit this year from equipments that have been gathered by participants to the raid. Another partnership with “Rire médecin” has been created in 2013 for the first time. Students were asked to give money and to support some actions for this association that aims to support children who are currently in hospital by providing them with games, activities and so on. Participants to the Raid have been asked to wear a clown red nose. This video has then been promoted by different media to advertise this association and raise funds. (Source)

Printoid supports the Team Kin’escapade for this 21st edition, in 2018! A part of the Printoid’s Pro & Premium benefits has been given to Clotilde and Sarah, and I hope they will win this fabulous race and help a lot of children 😉

The official website: http://www.4ltrophy.com/

The Team Kin’escapade Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teamkinescapade/

Support the Team Kin’escapade too!

You can also help the Team Kin'escapade for the 21st edition of the *4L Trophy*, and contribute to make the Morocco's children happy with brand new school material and medication!


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