Make a one-time donation to support the development of Printoid

I need your help to continue the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉



The development of Printoid is time-consuming. This is not my full-time job, and I’m working on the app only on during my free time.

I also invest a lot of money everyday to make the app better and better:

  • more than 3 hours of work per day (week)
  • more than 5 hours of work per day (weekend)
  • support and answers by email 24/7
  • a lot of PLA & ABS consumption for the continuous tests of the app (24/7)
  • hiring a iOS developer for the iPhone & iPad version
  • maintenance of the test servers
  • website development and hosting
  • graphic assets for the app and for Google Play
  • ads and promotional materials…

The earnings from the PRO and PREMIUM versions on Google Play are not sufficient: I won’t make these two app flavors more expensive for the users, but I still don’t have a lot of downloads. That’s pretty hard!


If you are using Printoid LITE and you like the app, you can purchase the PRO or PREMIUM version.

You can also donate the amount of your choice over PayPal (see the link above).

Finally, your help is also precious to translate the application in another languages 😉

Important note:

Each donor will be considered as a contributor of the Printoid project, and will appear (if he wants) in the Printoid Team page, with a link to his website, Twitter account, or whatever he wants 😉

In the future, each contributor will be listed directly in-app, in a new dedicated page 🙂


20 thoughts on “Make a one-time donation to support the development of Printoid

  1. Hi Ant, you mentioned an iOS version. I’m not seeing it anywhere. Is it available on testflight?

    Thanks Rob


    1. Hi Rob,

      Printoid for iOS is still under development. I’m not developing it by myself : I’ve hired a iOS developer instead (I havn’t the sufficient knowledge to do it)

      I’ll probably have an alpha version in the beginning of 2018.



  2. Easy choice. This app is insanely useful. I already have premium app so I did the PayPal route and I’ll do the patreon to. My only missing feature is a low bandwidth option for video when mobile. I accidentally used all my data for a month in 3hrs when I had wifi off at home lol.


  3. Easy choice, this app is insanely useful. I already have premium app so I did the PayPal thing and I’ll do a patreon too. My one suggestion is a low bandwidth option for video when mobile, I used up all my data for a month in 3hrs when I was home but forgot to turn on wifi lol


    1. Hi Paul!
      Thanks a lot for your comment and for your support, I really appreciate it!
      You can already reduce the bandwith for the video by selecting the “snapshot” mode in the streaming settings. So you will be able to select the number of frames per seconds to be downloaded (FPS)
      Kind regards,


  4. No, I will not donate…
    I refuse that…

    I think this deserves more, so I became a Patreon.
    This piece of software and developer made my 3D-printinglife more fun.
    I challenge every other 3D-printweirdo to do the same. If you can spare tens- or even hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds/rupees/chocolate bars per month on 3D printing, what is a few bucks to support this app and it’s developer. Come on people, by supporting him, we all benefit.


    1. Hello Ruud,

      When I’ve seen your comment, I had a little fright!
      But I have to thank you for your helpful contribution on Patreon, that’s a real pleasure to count you among the contributors of the project 🙂

      Don’t hesitate to send me your website/twitter/facebook accounts, I will publish them on the dedicated page on




    2. Couldn’t agree more! After getting the Premium version, and all the fun using it, a one time donation seems way too low to show appreciation for the effort that Anthony is putting in. Not just in terms of hours and commitment, but hiring a developer costs real money, for sure!

      So….. Become a Patreon, or better do both the one time AND become a Patreon!!!


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