Caution: do not put swearwords in your Google Play comments! πŸ˜‰

“Putain” in one of the most used words here in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

I don’t know who you are guy, because I don’t have your name nor your G+ account, but your comment on Printoid PRO made me laugh a lot!

Thank you for the 5 stars, unfortunately, Google has deleted your comment because of the “putain” and “batard” swearwords.

Don’t hesitate to post your comment again (be sweeter this time, Google is a bit susceptive πŸ˜‰) or to contact me at


Shit, 5 wretched euros for this beautiful app! You have to be a bastard to find something to complain about! A lot of work, an app… oups, a BIG SOFTWARE! Very complete… and more… the SNAPSHOT WIDGET… simply put your finger in the cap to update it… no bandwidth nor battery consumption… simply click on it when you want… shit! And thank you… pay for that DOES NOT BOTHER ME! On the contrary it is a true & SINCERE gratitude! Do not delete my comment! Bought without reflection a few days ago, and today you can also buy it without reflection!”

And, if ever you would like to learn french in one word: “Putain!”


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